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Digital drainage systems

The sum makes it special
Development always stands for progress. This applies for thoracic drainage systems which have evolved from simple bottle systems into complex devices. We have been part of this progress since the development of the first digital thoracic drainage unit - the ATMOS® S 031 Thorax - in the year 2003.

ATMOS® Schlauchsystem

ATMOS® The system

The all-round carefree package

The all-round carefree package

With the thoracic drainage systems from ATMOS® you will always have the perfect companion for clinical everyday life at your disposal. These systems offer you the possibility for a complete documentation of the vacuum and flow trends from the OT to the removal of the drain. Therefore, the focus is enhanced on patient's safety and the greatly improved therapy results. The reliable alarm system reduces the care eff orts which benefits both patients and nursing staff . Due to the ATMOS® measuring hose system the vacuum values are measured directly at the patient. The siphon effect is excluded because the set values are constantly monitored and changes are automatically balanced.

One system

The new generation of ATMOS® thoracic drainage systems comes with a standardized operating concept. Thus doctors and nursing staff do not have to focus on the operation of two different devices. The intuitive and almost foolproof operation supports this significantly.

One hose

All digital thoracic drainage systems developed by ATMOS use the same hose system. If your clinic uses various ATMOS® drainage systems this offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Easy compound management. Only one hose for all devices and all thoracic drainage applications.
  • One operating concept: The connection of the ATMOS drainage systems is also standardized.
  • Different ATMOS® drainage systems can be used in combination.
ATMOS® C 051 Thorax

ATMOS® C 051 Thorax

The small marvel

Mobile & flexible

Up to 12 hours of battery operation. With only 1.3 kg dead weight, an ergonomic design and a comfortable carrying strap this system is perfect for the fast mobilization of the patient. The optional 360° adjustable universal bracket allows for the connection to wheelchairs, beds and infusion holders.

Gravity drainage

The active suction can be set to -5 mbar. Thus the unit only preserves the biological normal vacuum and emits air and secretion.

  • Physiological effect like a gravity drainage
  • The postition of the unit in the room has no effect on the drainage
  • Alarm functions remain active
  • Hose rinsing remains active
  • Digital information regarding fistulization remains active

The ATMOS® C 051 Thorax uses a touchscreen as an input interface. As a result it was possible to create even simpler icons and to arrange the buttons in an easier and more user-friendly way.

Therapy progress control

On the main display of the device the target vacuum and the current fl ow rates are displayed as a numerical value. The possibility to display the therapy progress as a graph over the last 12 days is additionally given. This data can also be exported via a USB cable for further processing.

Clear view of the secretion

The 800 ml secretion canister of the ATMOS® C 051 Thorax is divided into a 180 ml and a 620 ml compartment. This leads to ideal balancing requirements.

Automatic night mode

The display of the ATMOS® C 051 Thorax includes a night mode for reduced brightness. A light sensor automatically measures the light in the room and then switches to the night mode.

ATMOS® S 201 Thorax

ATMOS® S 201 Thorax

The all-rounder

Mobile & flexible
  • Up to 12 hours of battery operation.
  • Can be plugged in with any IEC connector.
  • The 360° adjustable universal bracket allows for the connection to e.g. wheelchairs, beds and infusion holders.
  • Carrying straps for the basic device and secretion canisters are also available.
Gravity drainage
  • The target vacuum can be reduced to -5 mbar. Thus the drainage can be performed at physiological vacuum. All advantages of the digital drainage remain.
  • The speed controlled 18 l/min suction meets all application demands. Whether it is for large amounts of coagulation, high secretion flow or the application of several drains - nothing is a problem for the ATMOS® S & E 201 Thorax.
  • The fully transparent secretion canister offers plenty of space and safety even at perforations and strong pleural effusions.
Therapy process control
  • On the main display of the device the target vacuum, the current flow rate and the vacuum are displayed as a numerical value.
  • The water lock which is integrated into the secretion canister offers the possibility to interpret the flow rate via the classic bubble method.
  • The ATMOS® S 201 Thorax additionally offers the possibility to display the therapy progress as a graph over the last 12 days. This data can also be exported via a micro SD card for further processing.
Additional functions
  • Flow history
  • Data export via SD card
  • Connection to the nurse system
  • Colour display
ATMOS® C 051 & S/E 201 Thorax canister

ATMOS® C 051 canister
ATMOS® S 201 canister

Secretion canisters with a difference

Sealing caps

For an easy handling the caps can be found directly on the canister. The use of sealing caps prevents the leakage of liquids during disposal of the canisters.

Easily recognizable scaling

The scales are marked on the left and right hand side of the canister. Large numbers and a high contrast ensures optimal readability. The white background and the hard surface allow for easy marking.

Easy to change canister

Protected by a hydrophobic bacterial filter and integrated overflow stop the ATMOS®® canisters can easily be exchanged.


Increased readability is achieved by the division of the ATMOS® secretion canister into 2 or 4 chambers. Balancing of the patient's secretion flow can easily be performed.

Technical data
  • Canister capacity: 800 ml / 2000 mlli>
  • Capacity of the first chamber: 375 ml/180 ml
  • Sealing cap for easy disposal.
  • Pop-off valve for safety during cough attacks and artifical respiration.
  • Luer-lock connection
  • Direct-docking system
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The foundations were laid

The foundations were laid in the Kaiser Friedrich pharmacy. Together with Dräger an oxygen pressure and vacuum control valve was created and named ATMOS. In the period that followed new piston pumps for compressed air and vacuum were developed.


The first patents.

The Berlin oxygen central, which was also located in this pharmacy (today ATMOS) received the first
four patents for inhalers.


The first thoracic drainage system from ATMOS

The first customized version in the thorax drainage range Atmolette Type B was delivered.


The first digital OT-suction device

ATMOS launches the first digital suction device, Atmoforte 350. With this device ATMOS sets new standards in intermittent drainage, vacuum extraction and energy saving suction.


First digital thorax drainage system

Introduction of the first digital thoracic drainage system worldwide, ATMOS® S 031 Thorax.


ATMOS® S / E 201Thorax

Mobile thoracic drainage system with touchscreen and fully transparent canister, ATMOS® E / S 201 Thorax.


ATMOS® C 051 Thorax

Digital thorax, mobile thoracic drainage system with touchscreen and fully transparent canister ATMOS® C 051 Thorax.

Atmos Thorax

Our Solutions

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  • The ATMOS Thorax drainage systems are applied in over 33 countries
    e.g. Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
  • The focus is on
    patient safety, easy handling and improved therapeutic success for our patients.
  • Experience in the pulmonary surgical intensive care, emergency care and cardiological intensive medicine
    acknowledge the necessity and the quality of the ATMOS drainage systems.

Speak to our users! ATMOS MedizinTechnik will support you exchanging experience. We will provide you with contacts from our reference clinics.